Post Baby Training

Today is a new day. Although I was up a lot last night due to the noisy 11 lber sleeping in our room. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I don't wake up feeling like this most days; most days it takes me at least an hour to start feeling that way. Can we organize this with our hormones that we wake up feeling like this everyday? Anytime I'm feeling off or crazy or if I'm feeling extra happy, I … [Read more...]

Getting Started.

My friends at Fox59 are having me on to today to talk about getting started with 5K training. So, I put together a list of what I would talk about and where to start. The list for this begins with simply GET STARTED.  - Get Started: Stop saying you're going to go something one day. Start tomorrow. Seriously, start tomorrow- wake up in the morning and do it. Go walk for … [Read more...]

Training Log: March 2 – 8

Here comes another training log.Starting to feel like I am throwing together some consistent weeks and slowing bringing the mileage up. Back to back 60 mile weeks. 24 days in a row. I'll take it at this point with the baby...well being a baby.We joined the Y recently as a family, aside from Lindsey being an unpaid spokesman, it is really nice to have a gym again. I dropped LA Fitness about … [Read more...]

Week 2 & Strava!

Week two down and I'm starting to feel better. I've been super consistent ever since I was cleared to workout, but it's gonna be a lot of easy running for a while still. I have been generally starting out these runs around a 10 minute mile and progress to somewhere around 8:45 toward the end of the run.I was excited for yesterdays's run for a few reasons-- I knew I'd have a great group of … [Read more...]

First Week Running Post Baby

Louis will be 7 weeks on Thursday, which means, I've been running since.... last Thursday! I started with 3 miles at 10 minute pace on the treadmill with some Pandora Taylor Swift. I did my lunge matrix before and post run stretching after. Whew I felt like a sloth.  Then I did two push-ups, three planks and some crunches. Friday morning I woke up so sore. I knew I would. I took that 6 week … [Read more...]