Glenn’s Hoosier Half Race Report

Want a late race report from my half marathon two weekends ago? I thought so.Back in February or maybe even January when I was planning out my season I had wanted to use the Hoosier Half in Bloomington as a good gauge of fitness for my Mohican 50 training. Then life kind of happened. I tweaked my Achilles, we sold the house, bought a new house so going into race week I had pretty much given up … [Read more...]

You can’t fake a marathon!

On Sunday morning I did my taper "long run" for Boston. I ran 10.5 miles in Bloomington, didn't wear a watch, just ran easy. It was a beautiful morning and my legs felt fine, just a little tired from last weeks half marathon/20 miles. I normally do a standard 20, 15, 10 taper for long runs going into a marathon (give or take some miles on that 15 & 10). Given my weird, unstructured training … [Read more...]

Good Stuff at the Carmel Marathon

It's safe to say the Carmel Marathon was a big success on Saturday. I've had a lot of fun getting more involved with the event and have been thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Carmel Road Racing Group team these past few months. Since I decided to stay home with Marshall- this has been the perfect opportunity for me to work a little, when I have time and stay involved in the running … [Read more...]

Hoosier Half Marathon Race Report

Today felt like progress. I anticipated I'd run somewhere between 1:35-1:37 and I ran a 1:36:08. I wanted to run 20 miles for the day for my last long training run for Boston, so we warmed up 3.5, ran the race and cooled down 3.5. Correct, this is a much more fun way to get in 20 miles. Makes the 20 more interesting and fun.The Hoosier Half Marathon is a very hilly course. Elevation for this … [Read more...]

Being content where you are.

Today I woke up wanting to run. Most days it takes a good 2 hours before I even want to think about running. I'm not the best morning person. Today I was feeling motivated and encouraged, which was good news because yesterday I was in a funk the first part of the day and sat on the bike all grumpy for an hour with no motivation to work hard. It took all I had just to make it past 30 minutes and … [Read more...]