Glenn Training Update

Week 12 - Glenn Monumental Training75.4 Miles9 runs2 workoutsGoing into the week, I was really only focused on 2 runs: Wednesday's mile repeats and Saturday's long run with MRP miles...with really the focus being Saturday. It was  going be another 20 miles with my first set of marathon race pace. Up until this point in my training cycle I've kind of been dicking around. Yeah I have … [Read more...]

September Women’s Running Cover!!

I finally got my hands on a copy of the September issue of Women's Running Magazine!! I know the girl on the cover. I was so excited to see how everything turned out. Caitlyn Pilkington wrote a really nice article that I felt proud to read and I'm so thankful for the opportunity I had to talk with her and tell me story. I hope if nothing else it encourages someone who reads it to face their fears, … [Read more...]

It’s easy to make Excuses

I've taken it super easy and been way low key all week because I've had a nasty summer cold.Ran 3 miles Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I was feeling really accomplished on Sunday because Saturday had been my furthest pregnant long run yet- 11 miles. I felt great most of the run and was happy it made me feel confident that I'm in half marathon shape.So I had originally planned on hitting 10 … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Running Hard

I'm always dreaming of running hard in 2015. Not like in my sleep dreaming but just everyday when I'm out for a run or doing whatever. Or when I see other people run hard. When I ask Glenn about his workouts. When he tells me he saw some chicks doing work at 5:30am on the monon. I mean, I'm not into doing that most days at that hour, but I'm into the working hard part.Yes, yes I am enjoying … [Read more...]

Brooks Transcends Review

When I was 16, I started wearing orthotics. I was on the cross country team and would get horrible blisters after long and/or hard runs. I was fitted for custom orthotics & hadn't looked back since. I've gone through only 4-5 pairs- these suckers last a long time, and they are specifically molded to my foot.Looking back- maybe my real problem was that I ran in cheerleading shorts and real … [Read more...]