Peace Love Film 4K GIVEAWAY!

Over the spring when I was out and about promoting the Indy Women's Half Marathon & 5K, I had the opportunity to meet an awesome group of women called Team Film.  It took me a little bit of browsing their site and talking to a some of the women who founded the group to really figure out who they were and what their deal was.Turns out they're a lot like me. Their mission in life is to "Live … [Read more...]

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon – 8 days out

The last time I made a training update was the week of the Hendricks County Half... so somewhere around 6 weeks ago. I ran well at that race and was feeling good about the remainder of the IMM cycle.The day after the race I set out for a 10 mile recovery run and noticed that my Achilles was feeling little off. I had some Achilles issues in Feb '14 so I was very aware of what that feeling … [Read more...]

Slowing Down

It's happening. Although I've slowed down a lot this entire pregnancy, I even started out the first 10 weeks not running at all due to plantar fasciitis and had to build back up. I was able to do that nicely and really started feeling good around week 15 or 16. My foot was better, my body was accustomed to carrying a human and all was feeling pretty darn solid. There is a reason that second … [Read more...]

Back on My Feet Marathon Relay 2014!

I ran the Back on My Feet Marathon Relay on Saturday with friends from the Indy Women's training program I coach. It was a bit cold and windy for the first weekend in October, but we brought plenty of warm clothes and blankets. The old Washington St. Bridge where everyone sets up their camp always feels even windier than it really is.Running this relay is fun to me because 1. I used to … [Read more...]

One Year.

Today marks one year since I had my surgery. One year ago today, I was sitting in the prep room trying to be brave.What I remember so clearly is how great all of the nurses who took care of me both pre and post surgery. The ladies who were prepping me were so amazing at making me feel calm.What I remember so clearly is leaving my parents house very early in the morning and driving up … [Read more...]