What’s Going On:

What's been going on around here..... Plantar Fasciitis Update (you totally care about that right?!):While my plantar fasciitis isn't totally gone- I CAN run again. Hooray! It had become so bad while I was training for Boston and during Boston that I really had to give myself some time to heal. I took around 6 weeks off - with 2 (I think) test runs in the mix that quickly told me- nope … [Read more...]

Runners World Cover- Vote for my Friends!

I'm sitting here at the red picnic table on our back porch, enjoying a beautiful day outside. Marshall is napping and I hear the distant sounds of airplanes coming in, along with the kids outside playing at the school across the street. It feels peaceful out here.I think we'll go for a little run when Marshall wakes up- the three of us, Marshall, Cadence and I. I can't not take advantage of … [Read more...]

Thank You!!

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me in the Women's Running Cover Contest. A big thanks to Women's Running Magazine and Saucony for an amazing experience this weekend. I was certainly not in my total comfort zone having a gazillion pictures taken in front of a bunch of people, but it was fun. It was really neat to see what the behind the scenes of a real photo shoot is all about. It … [Read more...]

Glenn’s Mohican 50 Race Report

I started the recap and then stopped so we are now a little over two weeks removed now. Lets see what I remember.The big goal race for the spring has come and gone. It was a great day! Great course, great trail, great running...do you sense a theme? I was extremely happy with my race. I came into Mohican with a general idea that I would target sub 9 hours, given the course, elevation profile … [Read more...]

Women’s Fall Training Program

Carmel Road Racing Group Women's Fall Training Program: We are here to help you get ready for the Monumental Marathon- Full, Half and 5K! THE PROGRAM: REGISTER HERE!Join the Carmel Road Racing Group for a 15-week women’s training program geared toward the Monumental Marathon, Half and 5K! This program is  for the beginner, intermediate or advanced runner and/or walker. … [Read more...]