Don’t be an idiot- Give it a rest.

I took a week off running last week because my left hip has been bothering me for about two weeks. Something has been tight and pulls when I stretch it. When I was running when my left foot hit and pushed off the ground it pinched a little. It was never super painful, but very much there and I didn't like it. So since I'm not an idiot and since I have friends who talk me into being smart (thanks … [Read more...]

Them Post Baby Blues.

I had a super low mileage week last week. Around 30 miles.  This was after two weeks of somehow keeping it together and hitting 40 miles two weeks in a row. My goal has been to keep around 40 miles as a base for now.By somehow keeping it together, what I mean is. I was feeling crazy, out of it and not myself for three weeks. Hormones are a messed up thing. I couldn't focus, I was getting hot … [Read more...]

How do you race ONE Mile?

Last year when Glenn raced the Monumental Mile, I was secretly pregnant and had some mad plantar fasciitis... so I didn't race. His goal was to break 5:00 and it was fun to watch that unfold. He came through in 4:54. In case you missed this epic picture, I'll bless you with it now:Racing a mile is hard. Of course I love spectating and cheering, I'm basically a professional at that for … [Read more...]

Dances with Dirt & What Now

I got to join the Quaff On girls relay team last weekend for Dances with Dirt. I was thinking of doing the half so when they asked me to be on their team, I thought this would be much better than just doing the half by myself. These girls are fast and I was definitely the weak link on my team. Before the race I said "So are we running hard or just kind of hard and for fun". Anne took off first and … [Read more...]

Indy Mini Race

I was super pleased with my first race back post Louis. I was thinking I'd run between 1:40-1:45 based on what I've been running. I secretly had in my head that I'd like to break 1:40, but thought it was a long shot.I had to stop at the porta-potties around mile 2. Didn't really want to, but had to. Lost around 45 seconds at the stop, so not too bad.Glenn's parents came down to watch the … [Read more...]