Training: Base Building

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Carmel Marathon yesterday!! What a beautiful day it was- a little hot for the runners, but perfect for those who were volunteering.I have organized water stops for this race for the past two years and for the first time I got to volunteer at one. I knew it would be a long day- I was so tried by the time we were headed home. I had a lot of fun … [Read more...]

Week Rundown & Cyrotherapy GIVEAWAY!!

I felt much better this past week and was able to add some miles in! Glad the plague is behind us. I hit 34 miles and Glenn was around 55. We are slowly getting back up to where we'd both like to be. Having another kid is no joke. I mean beyond the whole body adjusting thing, it's a time thing too. Glenn has usually always been a 5:00am runner, but has taken that 5:00am kid shift the past couple … [Read more...]

All funked up in here.

Oh man I had a great week of feeling back to normalish two weeks ago. And then last week happened. Everyone was sick. I had a mild stomach thing going on and then a mild head cold/throat thing going on, wasn't totally wiped out, but enough to make me real tired. Glenn had a fever at one point and Marshall had a stomach thing at one point. Big Lou was the only one that made it out of the week … [Read more...]

Post Baby Training

Today is a new day. Although I was up a lot last night due to the noisy 11 lber sleeping in our room. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I don't wake up feeling like this most days; most days it takes me at least an hour to start feeling that way. Can we organize this with our hormones that we wake up feeling like this everyday? Anytime I'm feeling off or crazy or if I'm feeling extra happy, I … [Read more...]

Getting Started.

My friends at Fox59 are having me on to today to talk about getting started with 5K training. So, I put together a list of what I would talk about and where to start. The list for this begins with simply GET STARTED.  - Get Started: Stop saying you're going to go something one day. Start tomorrow. Seriously, start tomorrow- wake up in the morning and do it. Go walk for … [Read more...]