IMM Training & Hendricks Half Report

This past weekend we dipped under 50 days to go. I am starting to hit that point in trying where general fatigue and hunger rule the day...every day. My sleeping, heart rate and mood all are good so just keep on grinding. It can be very easy to slip into a cycle of over-reaching/training but at this point I feel pretty good. Marathon training is a grind.Sept 8 - 1483.2 miles8 runs1 … [Read more...]

13 Pregnant Stroller Miles look like this:

I want to start this post by saying running a half marathon while pregnant isn't for everyone.... it's just not. I'm thankful I've been able to keep a great base and feel relatively strong so far in my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Marshall I never ventured to this distance. Mostly because I didn't feel up for it and I was content not pushing it to those distances. I kept most of my runs … [Read more...]

IMM Training Log – 9 Weeks Out

Sept 1 - Sept 781 Miles7 run2 workoutsMonday - Recovery run. 10 miles @ 8:40. Labor Day. Slept In. I'm all about taking it easy when it calls for taking it easy.Tuesday - 8 miles about 7:40 pace. Month end close at work. Long day. Went into work early. Super easy run in the evening. I was home alone and out of coffee so I ran to the grocery store and back. I'm so green … [Read more...]

Glenn Training Log – 10 Weeks Out

August 25th - August 31st - 10 Weeks to go7 Runs78.5 miles1 Workout, 1 longish kinda run (over 120 minutes)Monday - 8.1 miles. About 8:40 pace. Ran in the afternoon. It was hot and gross out. Lindsey had her 20 week appt in the morning. Recovery from the 20 the day prior. Turded around in the woods at IMA a bit. It'd be sweet if they had about 1,000 acres instead of a … [Read more...]

Excuses are almost always GARBAGE.

People love to make excuses to not workout. The most common excuse has to be: "I don't have time. That is the worst excuse ever. The absolute worst.I'll go ahead and call my younger sister out - she is the queen of excuses and she knows it. It's not usually "I don't have time" it's that "I'm lazy, I don't want to". Ok, well at least she's honest.I realize that coming from a  "stay at … [Read more...]