Jackson County 50 Race Report

Well that was hard. Here is my Strava data on the race. My watch died somewhere around mile 44.5. I didn't care. Saturday was about surviving.Final stats on the race9:322nd place overallApprx 8,000 feet of climbingSouthern Indiana received about 2 inches of rain Friday into Saturday morning.Mud festGot lostAte a lot of foodClimbed a lotClimbed some … [Read more...]

Jackson County 50 Miler- 5 Weeks Post Marathon

Welp...guess I am racing this weekend. Jackson County is here. Which means December is here. Which means the new baby is almost here!With only five weeks between Monumental, big fall goal road marathon, and Jackson County. my second 50 miler, I knew the weeks in between would be tricky. It has been a weird hybrid rest/recover/maintain/specific training/taper thing going on.Here is what my … [Read more...]

Drumstick Dash

We participated in the Drumstick Dash once again this year- a tradition for our family- I think we've only missed once since we moved to Indy after college in 2006.It was pretty freaking cold, as it was last year- so I think for 2015 we are due for some warmer weather. Marshall was not thrilled with the cold.We were fortunate enough to be able to use the VIP tent before the race- which was … [Read more...]

Training Log: Marathon recovery week 1

Not much going on over here the past week in terms of running. Still running but playing things pretty slow with Monumental just 8 days ago. Coming off the race the soreness wasn't too bad but I did have a high level of general fatigue the later part of the week and my sleep was not the best. I've found that the more I run the more I can handle the post marathon soreness a lot better. Sore but can … [Read more...]

2014 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Report

2:49:05. 5 Minute PR. Finally got it! Feel like its been a long time coming.Saturday was a good day. Here's the recap.Going into the race I had various goals but I'd say the ultimate goal was to break 2:50. I've targeted that for a while now...and really blew my fall race last year in Chicago going for it.Coming into Monumental, if I had a good day and everything came together … [Read more...]