Training Log: Marathon recovery week 1

Not much going on over here the past week in terms of running. Still running but playing things pretty slow with Monumental just 8 days ago. Coming off the race the soreness wasn't too bad but I did have a high level of general fatigue the later part of the week and my sleep was not the best. I've found that the more I run the more I can handle the post marathon soreness a lot better. Sore but can … [Read more...]

2014 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Race Report

2:49:05. 5 Minute PR. Finally got it! Feel like its been a long time coming.Saturday was a good day. Here's the recap.Going into the race I had various goals but I'd say the ultimate goal was to break 2:50. I've targeted that for a while now...and really blew my fall race last year in Chicago going for it.Coming into Monumental, if I had a good day and everything came together … [Read more...]

Not My Race to Recap!

This is not my race to recap. BUT, I can't help myself and want to write a few things.I am so incredibly proud of my husband- on Saturday he ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2:49:05.I'm so proud of the very smart race he ran. We talked about it in detail about how he would take the first 10K to really warm up. Still when I got my update that his expected finish time was 2:50, I … [Read more...]

Indy Monumental Pre-race Thoughts

It is October 30th. The race is two days away. Here are some thoughts and my goals for Saturday.I finished last week with about 50 miles. It was on the low end of the plan for the week but I'm fine with it. I was still feeling pretty fatigued last week and tried to play it cautiously.Finally, this week things have started to come around with the legs getting some pop and the race pace … [Read more...]

Peace Love Film 4K GIVEAWAY!

Over the spring when I was out and about promoting the Indy Women's Half Marathon & 5K, I had the opportunity to meet an awesome group of women called Team Film.  It took me a little bit of browsing their site and talking to a some of the women who founded the group to really figure out who they were and what their deal was.Turns out they're a lot like me. Their mission in life is to "Live … [Read more...]