7 Ways to Own your Long Run

I recently recieved an email from our of our athletes who is training for her first marathon. She has done two half marathons - her first last year! It was a huge accomplishment and I'm still so proud. After a good amount of training, she decided it was time to go for the full.She just had her first 15 miler - longest distance yet. It was a bit of a struggle for her and I know this is common … [Read more...]

Upcoming Races

I'm sure you're all dying to know what races the Hein's have lined up for the rest of 2014.  We are all about staying local for the second half of the year. Keeping it real and keeping it simple. How we do. Shorter Distance: City Lights 5 Miler - Saturday, August 2nd - Use code OUTFORARUN5M for $15 off the 5K or OUTFORARUN5K for 15% off the 5KMerrell 5K Series - Thursday, … [Read more...]

Indy Women’s Fall Training Program Kick Off!

Last night was the first night of the CRRG Indy Women's Fall Training Program! We had both old and new participants come out and some of the ladies from last season (Jana & Christina) brought red shades for everyone. So fun. I know someone who rocks red shades on the regular..... Of course- thank you as always to BlueMile for opening your doors to our group- we always have so much fun in the … [Read more...]

What’s Going On:

What's been going on around here..... Plantar Fasciitis Update (you totally care about that right?!):While my plantar fasciitis isn't totally gone- I CAN run again. Hooray! It had become so bad while I was training for Boston and during Boston that I really had to give myself some time to heal. I took around 6 weeks off - with 2 (I think) test runs in the mix that quickly told me- nope … [Read more...]

Runners World Cover- Vote for my Friends!

I'm sitting here at the red picnic table on our back porch, enjoying a beautiful day outside. Marshall is napping and I hear the distant sounds of airplanes coming in, along with the kids outside playing at the school across the street. It feels peaceful out here.I think we'll go for a little run when Marshall wakes up- the three of us, Marshall, Cadence and I. I can't not take advantage of … [Read more...]