Two Days in a Row & Week Update

I've transitioned into running two days in a row, followed by one-two days off running. I've somehow managed to workout every single day this week- which I haven't done since I hurt my foot. Thursday it was literally 20 minutes of rowing and stair master but it was something. I set up at the Y and worked for a bit and had 40 minutes left of child watch to workout and shower, so I got a little baby … [Read more...]


Hi. I've been meaning to update sooner. I'm trying to keep a healthy balance of everything and for the last two weeks a healthy balance didn't include sneaking in any blog posts. We've had some intense nights at bedtime and earlier mornings than I'm used to, so my alone time has been stolen from me. It is slowly wearing me down. I really value you my half and a half of alone time in the mornings … [Read more...]

9 Weeks. 9 Freaking Weeks.

I'm about 9 weeks out from tearing my plantar fascia. Three weeks longer than I've ever gone without running since I was a kid. And let's just call it was it is- it's the longest I've ever gone because kids always run so there was no starting point. Running has never not been a constant in my life. Four times I have taken six weeks off- after my babies and after two surgeries I had.I think I … [Read more...]

Chicago + Last Weeks Rundown

A week has come and gone since Chicago. How did that happen. It was such a fun weekend. Still sort of sad I didn't get to run, but had a great time cheering on my friends.Thank you so much to Saucony and Competitor for the amazing opportunity to join the 26 strong team. I loved every bit of it. I loved loved spending time with my "social media friends." Angela- I had a great time getting to … [Read more...]

Chicago Weekend – Saucony 26 Strong

Hi! I'm enjoying a nice long weekend in Chicago with a hotel room all to myself! It is a beautiful thing. It's funny because I crave breaks and time to myself from the boys, but then when I head out the door for a few days a week I want to give 10 extra hugs and have this feeling that I'd rather just stay. Even though I know if I stayed I'd be thinking about how I'd love a get away.  Can we all … [Read more...]