Run Countdown: 4 weeks

Even though Louis came right on his due date, he came 4 days sooner than I expected him. I kind of assumed I'd end up in a c-section on Monday, January 19th.This is a beautiful thing for a couple of reasons- 1. This recovery has been so much simpler than my c-section recovery after I had Marshall. And I didn't even have a 2.5 year old to care for then.  2. I will hit my 6 week post baby … [Read more...]

Introducing Louis Frederick + Jersey Giveaway Winner!

Louis Frederick Hein arrived on Thursday, January 15th at 8:58am  - which happened to be his due date! Since I had a c-section with Marshall, I had a scheduled c-section for 4 days after my due date if I didn't go on my own. I wanted to try to vbac but didn't totally have my heart set on it. I was pretty content either way. Although terrified of labor.On Tuesday night I decided I'd call … [Read more...]

Out for a Run Jersey Giveaway!

We ordered Out for a Run Jersey's over the fall and I've been lazy getting them up on our site. We now have them for sale HERE.But before you venture over to purchase one- let's see if  you might win one. Below are some pictures of the shirt - Out for a Run logo on the front, with of course our favorite saying "Work Works" on the back. We seriously wear these jersey's all the time (well, I did … [Read more...]

39 weeks – Home Stretch

Alright, I'm 6 days out from my due date. I'm not feeling like this baby is going to come anytime early. I'm totally ok with that, because although I'm not sleeping well right now- I know it's much better than what it will be once there is a second kid.I'm still running. I thought I might have given up on it for the rest of the pregnancy... I went 7 days without when Marshall was sick -I … [Read more...]

38 Weeks Pregnant & Running

Alright, facing reality, I'm due in two weeks. Yes, I already know if I go on time, I'll be cleared to run February 26th, if I'm 4 days late when my scheduled c-section is, I'll be cleared on March 2nd. I had a c-section with Marshall because he was breech. Since I didn't labor with him or anything I'm a good candidate to have a regular birth, but with someone who has had a c-section they won't … [Read more...]