Inside Endurance Sports

It's race week for so many people running the Chicago Marathon! We have five athletes we have coached or created training plans for who are running this weekend! Four to the Five are first time marathoners- so awesome. I was supposed to be running the marathon with my Cadet, Olivia with the Saucony 26 Strong team and am feeling a little "poor me" that I can't. I feel bad mostly though because she … [Read more...]

4 Weeks Already

Not knowing when this sucker is going to heal might be the hardest part about not running. I can't make a plan because I don't know when it will be better. The Doctor says probably 6-8 weeks, but who really knows. I'll be able to feel it when it's ready. I know that even if they say 6-8 weeks, if it doesn't feel right at that time, I'm still out. I honestly feel like nobody knows anything about … [Read more...]

1 More DAY! Women’s Running Cover Contest.

You've got one more day to enter the Women's Running Cover Runner Contest.Submissions are closed tomorrow September 28thDon't be shy to nominate yourself!Nominate a friend who you know won't submit but you know deserves it!It really takes 30 minutes to apply. Just know what you want to say and speak from your heart.Last year when I applied, I was nervous because I … [Read more...]

Today at Whole Foods

I found myself at Whole Foods with Big Lou to kill some time before picking Marshall up from pre-school today. Literally the only thing I could think of that I needed was rolled oats because I'd been wanting to make some granola. (I walked out with oats, a large pre-made cheese pizza for dinner, peanut butter and a Kind Bar) Good job Whole Foods, you win.While we were there, we ran into Tess, … [Read more...]

Day Three.

What? you thought I'd quit already? NAAAA. I don't quit that easy.  We had our BEST stroller group at Annex yet today. 15 momma's and a ton of kids. Look at that fierce group.Marshall couldn't handle the walk, I guess he's used to the person behind the stroller running. So he got out, promptly face planted, held up the line of strollers and then was back at it.This group is really … [Read more...]