Before Getting A Personal Trainer

Before Getting A Personal Trainer

The main things to consider before getting a personal trainer

Congratulations, you have finally decided to improve your fitness! To start off on the right foot you have to make sure you are doing everything right to get in great shape and good health – and this is why a personal trainer will be of great benefit. Personal trainers will help you set some achievable goals and take you through workouts till you attain desirable results. You are going to invest money, effort and time, so you’ll need to find a trainer who you can place your trust in to guide you in the right direction. After examining Gym To You – personal trainer, and their business model, we’ve come up with a few key points to consider before getting a personal trainer.

Because let’s face it; you have done your homework and exhausted on the basic ways to find a personal trainer. You have checked online reviews, asked for referrals, compared pricing, and checked qualifications, and now you are sure that you have landed the right training instructor. But before you hit the gym, you may want to check out these extra tips:


One of the most important elements of personal training is ensuring every need is catered for. Make sure your trainer’s expertise matches with your own goals. For instance, if you want to lose weight and go ahead to work with a max-strength coach, you will certainly get no substantial results. Personal training is all about developing flexible, realistic and tailor-made solutions that will have a dramatic impact on your health and fitness levels. So check if your personal trainer’s experience and personality suit your fitness needs.


In these busy times, shuffling between work, home duties, and going to the gym can be frustrating. The location of your selected fitness centre can mean the difference between achieving long-term health benefits and losing motivation to go to the gym. You are far more likely to stick to your workout routine if you work or live somewhere close to the gym.

With that in mind, you don’t have to relocate and camp next to a gym. Fortunately, mobile personal trainers offer personal training services at your own convenience. They can get you fit anywhere you like – at home, work, outdoors, beach or park of your choice.

Level of service

With so many personal trainers offering low cost or discounted services, they may seem the real deal, but how much advice and service are you getting? A personal trainer should help you focus on healthy lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes. The quick solution does not exist – training too hard or taking supplements won’t help. The right trainer should encompass factors like sensible scheduling and nutrition in your training routine, keep you accountable, and work with your injuries or health conditions. If you decide to use a mobile personal trainer – do they fail to show up or arrive late, do they have the right equipment, or more importantly, do they fix their schedule according to yours? These are simple but important things to consider when hiring a fitness instructor to ensure you get the very best out of that relationship.

Hiring the right personal trainer can take your fitness, health, and looks to a whole new level. A good trainer will advise you about workouts, diet, motivation and techniques you will be able to incorporate into your life and help you in your fitness journey. We suggest having a look at the Gym To You – YouTube page for more input into other factors to consider before hiring a PT. For all enquiries head over to their Facebook!

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